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Defy Medical

Defy Medical

2901 W St. Isabel St.
Tampa FL 33607
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Phone: 813-445-7342

Increase Muscle

Testosterone and other key anabolic hormones facilitate muscle cell hypertrophy when combined with a balanced diet high in amino acids.  Our HRT therapies are designed to optimize the building and repairing of muscle tissue under mild to extreme stress.  We do this with state of the art testing, nutritional therapies, and a program customized by our team of experts.

Decrease Body Fat

Combination of balanced nutrition, exercise, and medical science which includes lipotropics, nutriceuticals, hormones, and peptides.  This synergy is managed by a team of physicians and specialists who customize each protocol to the specific patient based on their weight goals.  Most weight-loss programs cause the patient to lose muscle tissue through starvation, only to re gain the weight back once the program is discontinued.

Have more energy

Through restoring adrenal function; testing and treating thyroid deficiencies; improving sleep, supplementing nutriceuticals which enhance energy.

Improve your sex drive

Just like men; women require a certain balance of testosterone to reach peak sexual fitness.  Men and woman alike benefit from testosterone restoration therapy and the programs positive impact on libido.  Our physicians also prescribe hormones such as Oxytocin, which increases orgasmic response in woman.

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